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By guest, Mar 31 2016 08:56PM

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Jan 13 2017 03:40PM by Char Koepp

At Valleyview of Jordan, we are just coming down from a grand December and holiday season, filled with loads of fun, including Christmas parties, holiday games, presents, and outings to see Christmas lights. As we head into the new year, some of our residents and staff are resolving to turn to healthier lunch and dinner options. At Valleyview of Jordan, residents can skip the regular meal and opt to have a chef's salad for lunch, dinner, or both. Residents and staff alike recognize the benefits of eating more vegetables and protein, and appreciate this option.
Wishing everyone a happy and healthy new year. Let me know if you are interested in touring and consider joining us for a complimentary lunch. And please, let me know if you'd prefer a chef's salad :-)
Have a great day!

Sep 3 2018 03:18PM by Anonymous

This is a horrible company! I have a family member that is living there and the service that they've received is very unprofessional the staff is very rude and yell at the tenants they have an attitude all the time and they are making it hard on residents to live their lives. And it doesn't help that most of the staff are related so they cover up for each other. We have documented incidents and proof and will be moving forward with getting some sort of resolution so that other residents that decide to move here will not have to go through this horrible experience. And also not to forget to mention how disgustingly dirty and old this facility is. When I went to visit I seen tons of dust, dirt and grime! I was in shock to know that they are letting people pay a good amount of money to live in this filth!

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