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If you would like to have your client assessed, please fax the information in the first paragraph below entitled “Information Needed For An Assessment,” to Char Koepp, Admissions, Fax 952-492-3172, or email to ckoepp@valleyviewofjordan.biz. For questions call Char Koepp at 952-492-8928.


INFORMATION NEEDED FOR AN ASSESSMENT: Face Sheet, most recent history and physical, most recent psych evaluation, doctors’ notes for past month or two, one month's worth of nurses notes, criminal history, commitment papers, medication history, current medication sheets (MARS), current information for financials/guardians/case managers, nursing home care plan or MDS if available, copy of county CADI/EW assessment, and tour of facility/meet and greet (if nurse requests).




We will need the following items AT LEAST 72 HOURS PRIOR  to admission (Per Valleyview Policy, no one will be admitted until we have these items in our possession--THERE WILL BE NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS RULE):

1) Recent history and physical (less than one month old)

2) Doctor's (Signed) Orders for Discharge to Assisted Living

3) Must have state Photo I.D. or Driver's License

4) New Signed Doctor's Orders for Prescriptions.

5) Must have copy of Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security cards and/or  all other insurance cards.

6) Must call Senior Linkage Line, 1-800-333-2433, for verification code (caseworker can do this for county pay)

7) Address must be changed on Medical Assistance so we can be reimbursed for medical transportation. Valleyview of Jordan's address is 4061 W. 173rd St., Jordan, MN 55352; Valleyview of Northfield's address is 812 N. Linden St., Northfield, MN 55057

8) Must have a negative 2-Step Mantoux within 30 days of admit (this is two shots one-two weeks apart, and takes up to three weeks to complete). A chest x-ray or a QuantiFERON test can be done more quickly if there is a hurry to admit.

9) If person is on a civil commitment we need commitment paperwork. Residents on a civil commitment or with a history of non-payment of bills MUST complete paperwork for a rep payee before they come to Valleyview. We need the name, address and phone number of said rep payee.

10) Current MAR and TAR if available.

11) Diabetics MUST bring their own glucometer and test strips. We cannot do "sliding scale" insulin.

For County Caseworkers and All Social Workers